Free Bunny

To celebrate The Dublin Trilogy being optioned for TV* and reaching over 150,000 in sales  – for one week only, we’re offering people the chance to read the book that started it all FOR FREE! (Note: Please do not read while operating heavy machinery or driving, and if you experience shortness of breath, chronic halatosis, ingrown toenails or the temptation to wear a bluetooth headset please stop and consult a medical professional/priest/veterinarian or just have a serious word with yourself)

This book has never been free before, probably won’t be free again and to be honest, we’re surprised it is free now so get it as quick as you can.

Here are the links to the various amazon stores:

Amazon US      Amazon UK       Amazon AUS      Amazon CA     Amazon IND


* Does that mean it’s going to be on TV? Nope. It means a TV production company are going to try and convince broadcasters that it should be. Think of it as like being at the basecamp of Everest – getting there doesn’t mean you’re going to climb the mountain by any means but you’ve got a better shot at it than if you were at home on the sofa.


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