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Marcy: “Steve, we are not getting the visitors to come into Dreamland, our awesome Wax Museum.” Steve: “It’s OK Marcy, it came to me in a dream last night – we need to show them the two greatest American’s ever.” Both together: “Chuck Norris and Abe Lincoln.” Steve: “You really get me Marcy, you really get me.” Marcy: “Everyone gets you Steve. Put your pants back on.”

Ben Stiller – essentially, someone just shaved a chimp.

JFK – seen here pretending to be Matt Damon.

Matt Damon, seen here pretending to be JFK.

Ben Affleck – seen here failing to pretend not to hate being Batman.

Most people rememeber than William Henry Harrison was the shortest presidency in American history, dying a month in after contracting a cold during his two hour long inaugiration speech. What not enough people remember is that he was first president who was also definitely a vampire.

John Tyler – America’s first invisible president.

Little known fact: Presidents Grover Cleveland, Chester Arthur and James Garfield were actually the same dude with slightly different facial hair.

Big Willy stylie! Always looks like he hit the booze hard the night before and threw up in a bin 5 seconds ago.

George Bush Junior and George Bush sen – wait, who the frisk is that guy?

Lando Calarissian and Jabba the Hut.

Seriously, it’s like they had a lot of wax to get rid of.

Like the poor woman hasn’t suffered enough in life, she gets to look at the Donald’s reflection for all eternity.

Pope d’you friskin’ want some?

Mark yeah, I friskin’ want some Zuckerberg. Seriously, that’s supposed to be Zuckerberg.

Ever wondered how James Dean would’ve turned out if her lived to be forty? Apparently, he’d have dressed the same but spent all of his time pointing his penis out to strangers.
It’s like someone decided Benito DelToro wasn’t famous enough.

Katy Perry – if she were a Japanese sex doll.

Rihanna – if she were actually Japanese.

G’wan guess?
Second name: Madonna
First Name: Looks nothing like

Ever wondered what Tiger Woods would look like taking a dump? Surprisingly happy is the answer.

Becks and C3P0.

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