What I’m Reading – February 2018 Edition

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This is the monthly blog where I talk about what books have been getting me all excited this month. (Seeing as someone asked, I have now stuck in links to Amazon UK and Us for each book because really weirdly, there are a lot of entirely different covers and release dates on either side of the Atlantic.)

London Rules – Mick Herron

I wrote a few months ago about how good this series is and so I was thrilled to see another was coming out. London Rules might just be the best yet. Mick Herron has reinvigorated a whole genre by melding a fascinating plot with brilliant character work and a delicious line in whip-smart dialogue. Jackson Lamb is one of the most compelling fictional characters I’ve ever read – A delightful monster. I honestly can’t remember who I listed as my three favorite authors and I don’t want to check, because if Mick Herron isn’t on the list, then I’m going to have a very hard decision to make.

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Death Stalks Kettle Street – John Bowen

This book is a real delight. I love authors who can take a genre and subvert it while also telling a ripping yarn, and that is what John Bowen has managed here. Cozy mystery isn’t my typical genre but then this isn’t your typical cozy mystery. What really makes this book work for me is again, the wonderfully drawn characters. John deals with physical and mental health issues that could be disastrous in a lesser writer’s hands, but he uses them with wonderfully well-rounded characters to produce a book that I think is exceptional in many ways.

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Persuader – Lee Child

This shocking news just in – Lee Child really knows how to write a thriller! You don’t get to be the household name he is without really knowing how to deliver a quality story every time. What’s fascinating about him, is that there are so many writers out there trying to copy him and yet, it’s only when you read them that you realise that Lee makes the difficult look ridiculously easy. This book is surprisingly long for something in this genre but I guess when you’ve knocked it out of the park as many times as Child has, you know how to take whatever time you need to best serve the story. Often copied, never equalled.

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