Hello and thanks for taking the time to come and visit, please take your shoes off. Here are the Caimh News Headlines!

Free the Bunny McGarry One!!!

Because we’re tremendously generous souls, we’re doing a one-time only promo where you can get A Man With One of Those Faces for free! As in FOR FREE! Grab it now – just click here to get the link to your friendly neighbourhood Amazon Store.

It is only free until January 25th so grab it fast!


New Book – out now!

The man, the myth, the legend. Bunny McGarry is back and stomping about the mean streets of New York. Join him as he takes a massive leap out of his comfort zone all in an effort to save the woman he loves. Before he can do that, he has to deal with a bit of a situation that happens over breakfast.

It’s like Jack Reacher if he’d taken more of a shine to the drink. You can find out more here.

Audiobook Available!

Seeing as so many people asked for it, we are delighted to announce that the Dublin Trilogy is coming out in audiobook format. Narrated by the brilliant Morgan C Jones,  A Man With One of Those Faces is out now and the other books are in production. The reviews have been fantastic. You can get it on Audible by clicking here. (If you can’t find it – just search for Caimh – there’s only him. Finally having an awkward name has an advantage!)

How to Send a MessageFree Stories

Do you like free stuff? Course you do! Who doesn’t? Well, sign up to Caimh’s monthly newsletter and you will instantly get a copy of his short fiction collection How to Send a Message completely free. You’ll also get a monthly e-mail from Caimh with some fun stuff, updates on the next book and yet more free stuff! We guarantee you absolutely no spam, unless you consider a monthly e-mail from Caimh to be spam, in which case, why are you reading this?

You can sign up here

Tourtastic News

Caimh is also about to hit the road with his brother-from-another-mother Gary Delaney – supporting him on his brand new tour. Caimh is very excited and not just because they tend to go and get a curry after shows although – yes, also that.

Gary is for Caimh’s money the finest gag writer on the planet and he is not just saying that for the curry. Although also, yes – the curry.

Tickets are available here

Thanks for reading, now put your shoes back on, your feet stink!


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