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The Day That Never Comes is eh… coming!

That’s right, the follow up to 2016’s A Man With One of Those Faces is coming out on January 23rd. It sees the return of Brigit, Paul and Bunny McGarry — although not really, seeing as one of them has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth and the other two aren’t talking to each other.

I’m really pleased with it and excited for it to finally be out there. Find out more about it and A Man with One of Those Faces here.

How to Send a MessageFree Stories

Do you like free stuff? Course you do! Who doesn’t? Well, sign up to my monthly newsletter and you will instantly get a copy of my short story collection How to Send a Message completely free. You’ll also get a monthly e-mail from me with some fun stuff, updates on the next book and yet more free stuff! I guarantee you absolutely no spam, unless you consider a monthly e-mail from me to be spam, in which case, why are you reading this? You can sign up here.

gary-11Boys on Tour!

While Sarah Millican’s mammoth and marvellous tour has come to an end, and the boss is having a well-earned rest, I’m off on tour with my old mucker and king of the one-liners Gary Delaney. I’m on about a third of the dates, so check with me on the twitter (@Caimh) to make sure I’m on. It is an absolutely stonking show regardless of my presence and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

pbwithtagPanelbeaters Podcast

Gary and I also have developed our very own panel show/podcast called Panelbeaters – it s a whole lot of fun and then someone dies at the end. Seriously, Death aka The Grim Reaper is our judge and each ep we have several of the funniest comics in the country fighting for survival. Check out the podcasts and live dates here.

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