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New Book Alert!


The Mighty…


The finale of The Dublin Trilogy called Last Orders will be out on March 6th. My editor called it ‘clearly the best book in the series’ so you’ll soon be able to judge that for yourself. A word of warning though, it ties up a lot of loose ends so you’ll have to have read the first two books in the trilogy and especially the prequel Angels in the Moonlight to fully enjoy it. You can find out more about those books here.

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Do you like free stuff? Course you do! Who doesn’t? Well, sign up to my monthly newsletter and you will instantly get a copy of my short story collection How to Send a Message completely free. You’ll also get a monthly e-mail from me with some fun stuff, updates on the next book and yet more free stuff! I guarantee you absolutely no spam, unless you consider a monthly e-mail from me to be spam, in which case, why are you reading this? You can sign up here.

Tourtastic news!

As well as being an author, I’m a stand-up comic. You can see a bit of me performing here. Throughout 2018 I’ll be supporting my good friend Sarah Millican on her UK tour. I’m on about a quarter of the dates, so check with me on the twitter (@Caimh) to make sure I’m on. It is an absolutely stonking show regardless of my presence and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re coming, get tickets quickly – these shows sell out fast! Click here for tour dates.

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